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Saurabh  Verma
Associate Editor

Saurabh K. Verma has had a long career spanning more than 40 years in geophysical research at the National Geophysical Research Institute, Hyderabad, India. His primary interest lies in electromagnetic and electrical exploration, particularly in ‘Time domain EM Methods’. He is currently a Raja Ramanna Fellow at NGRI. He has been involved with 3D EM modelling and joint inversion of geophysical data such as MT and seismic, electrical and EM, etc. He has applied these methods extensively in the field to address a variety of geological problems ranging from kimberlite exploration to HVDC power transmission. He also headed the ‘Geophysical Investigations in Antarctica’ programme at NGRI for several years and carried out EM, radiometric, and ground and helicopter-borne magnetic investigations in Antarctica and GPR surveys in Svalbard, Norway. He has published five books/monographs. His latest contribution is an edited volume on ‘Urban Geophysics’ published by Elsevier as a special issue of the journal Physics and Chemistry of the Earth Vol. 36, issue 16, 2011. In the past, he has been on the Editorial Board of several research journals such as Geoexploration, the Journal of Exploration Geophysics, etc. He has reviewed several papers submitted to geophysical research journals published from Australia, Canada, Europe, India, and the US. He has convened a number of workshops and chaired several sessions in IUGG, IGC, AGU, and several Indian symposia. He has been a Visiting Professor/Scientist in Australia, Finland, Canada, and Japan and a Visiting NSF Fellow to the US.