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Frank  Boerner
Associate Editor

 Frank Boerner received a diploma (1983) and a PhD (1991) in Geophysics from the Freiberg University of Mining and  Technology, Germany. In 1995, he founded the Groundwater Geophysics Group at the Groundwater Centre Dresden, Germany.  In 2008, he finished his Habilitation and became a Private Reader in rock physics at the Technical University of Berlin. He was the  supervisor of seven PhD students. He is currently a Visiting Professor at the Technical University of Berlin. He has more than 20  years of experience in applied geophysical research, including positions as a Research Team Leader and a Managing Director at  the Groundwater Centre Dresden and as a Research Geophysicist with a former uranium mining company. He has also spent  shorter research periods of time at the Sunbury Research Centre and the Clausthal University of Technology. His expertise is in  petrophysics, especially complex electrical properties, and borehole geophysics for groundwater investigations. His main current  research interests are experimental techniques and the modelling of rock physical properties as applied to hydrogeological,  engineering geological, and geothermal investigations. He is a member of EAGE, SPWLA, SCA, AGU, and DGG (German Geophysical Society).