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Gilles  Grandjean
Associate Editor

 Gilles Grandjean obtained a PhD in Geophysics from the University of Montpellier (France) in 1992. After a one-year  postdoctoral fellowship at  the Polytechnic School of Montréal (Canada), he joined the French geological survey (BRGM).  In 1995, he started working as a project leader in geophysics at BRGM. In 2000, he became a Professor and was the  Geophysics Chair at the University of Liège (Belgium) during a one-year sabbatical period. In 2009, at BRGM, he took the  responsibility of being the Head of the Ground Instabilities Group. He is currently the Deputy Director of the Risk and  Prevention Division there. His research activities are focused on geophysical and remote sensing imaging (tomography,  inversion, and image processing) applied to geo-technics (cavities detection, trenchless works, and landscape  management), geology (fracture imaging and soil characterization), or natural hazards (landslides and seismology). In  2004, he received the EAGE Mintrop Award for best paper in Near Surface Geophysics and, in 2012, the best of Near  Surface Geoscience presentations. He was involved, as a coordinator or a collaborator, in several national (French  National Agency for Research, ECOUPREF, SISCA, SAMCO, and RICOCHET) and international projects (European 7th  Framework Program, FP7-DIGISOIL, FP7-SAFELAND, and H2020-ESPRESSO) related to natural hazards or soil  applications.