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Ayse  Kaslilar
Associate Editor
Ayse Kaslilar is currently Full Professor in the Department of Geophysical Engineering at Istanbul Technical University (ITU), Turkey. She obtained her BSc, MSc and PhD at the same university. During her graduation studies she worked as a research assistant and a geophysical engineer in a private company. She was visiting scientist between 2002-2003 at the Department of Geophysics in Free University Berlin, and post-doc researcher at Delft Institute of Applied Mathematics (DIAM) at TU Delft between 2003 and 2005. She got Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Full Professor positions at ITU in 2005, 2009 and 2014, respectively. She teaches signal processing, inverse theory in geophysics, groundwater exploration, probability and statistics and magnetics. She is the faculty advisor of ITU EAGE Student Chapter. She has been the principal investigator of different research projects financed by national funds as well as by national and international private companies. She established the Computational Geophysics Laboratory in 2010 in Geophysical Engineering Department. She is assigned as an associate editor for Geophysics Letters in 2017.

Her research interests are focused on near-surface and crustal-scale seismic and seismology studies; particularly locating near-surface scatterers by seismic interferometry, seismic imaging and characterisation of near-surface scatterers, developing new methodologies for locating and imaging scatterers, noise characterisation, ambient noise tomography, surface wave analysis, structural health monitoring and seismic attenuation.